At Massaged Life & Wellness Academy we will teach our students much more than just the necessities.  We offer a full range of training including Massage Theory  & Practice, Kinesiology, Eastern Modalities, Clinical/Medical  Massage, Spa Techniques and much more. Our program is geared toward those students who want an advanced education, not simply the bare minimum.

You’ll love our curriculum.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job opportunities for massage therapists will increase more than twice as fast as the national average!

The American Massage Therapy Association reports massage therapy is an $11.7 billion dollar industry — and growing fast!!



We’ll help you all along the way! Our program is designed to prepare and qualify students to successfully pass the Alabama Licensure Exam(MBLEx) and qualify for NCBTMB Board Certification. Massaged Life & Wellness Academy is a NCBTMB Assigned School and a registered school member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

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Relax and enjoy our student massages – a great way to experience “The Massaged Life” while on a budget. Our student massage therapists are in the last phase of their program, which means they are prepared to give you a wonderful relaxing experience. Scientific research has proven the benefits of distressing and relaxation; massage is one of the best ways to care for yourself.

If you prefer a professional therapist, or simply can’t work into our limited student massage clinic hours, we have Licensed Massage Therapists available by appointment.

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The Curriculum

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology I & II     (120 Hours)

Basic Life Support     (2 Hours)

Business, Law & Practice Management     (40 Hours)

Clinical Rotation     (150 Hours)

Introduction to Medical Terminology     (5 Hours)

Kinesiology  with Applied Anatomy     (90 Hours)

Massage Ethics & Professionalism     (25 Hours)

Massage Modalities     (50 Hours)

Massage Theory and Practice I & II     (140 Hours)

Massage Therapy Research     (5 Hours)

MBLEx Exam Review    (30 Hours)

Orientation    (3 Hours)

Psychology for Massage Therapist     (15 Hours)

Rehabilitative Massage    (55 Hours)

Self-care for the Massage Therapist     (15 Hours)

Spa & Hydrotherapy Treatments     (15 Hours)

Special Populations     (40 Hours)

Introduction to Medical Terminology     (5 Hours)

Total:     800 Hours

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