Spa Services by our Students

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Relax and enjoy our student massages – a great way to experience “The Massaged Life” while on a budget. Our student massage therapists are in the last phase of their program, which means they are prepared to give you a wonderful relaxing experience. Scientific research has proven the benefits of distressing and relaxation; massage is one of the best ways to care for yourself. Our student are all under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist to ensure your massage is one of quality and relaxation.

60 minutes Massage…..$35

Hot Stone Massage……$70

Salt Scrub…..$35

Facial Massage…..$35


Services provided by a Licensed Massage Therapist

Call for Appointments (205)248-7416

Relaxation Massage

Gentle, therapeutic massage utilizing the principals of Swedish massage.

30 minutes…..$40

60 minutes…..$65

90 minutes…..$90


Therapeutic Massage

Relaxing, therapeutic deep tissue massage.

60 minutes…..$75

90 minutes…..$95



Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones relax and rejuvenate the body while warming the tissue and allowing a deeper massage.

60 minutes…..$80

 90 minutes…..$100

120 minutes…..$125


Deluxe Signature Massage

This massage is simply divine, with a combination of relaxation and therapeutic benefits. The therapeutic techniques used includes Esalen, Thai and Hawaiian. Leaving you with a rejuvenated sense of well being.

60 minutes…..$80

90 minutes…..$100

120 minutes…..$125


Facial Massage

Relax while we rejuvenate you and your skin. You will be revitalized and glowing.

30 minutes…..$45

60 minutes…..$80


Add the following to a massage or enjoyed without the massage.

 Thai Poultice

This herbal compress is very beneficial to the tired, achy body. It treats inflammation, pain, bruises, etc.

$20 up charge

$45 without massage


 Salt/Sugar Scrub

Full body exfoliation treatment leaving your skin with a smooth fresh glow.

$35 up charge 

$60 without massage



Body Mask or Wrap

We have three wonderful mask and wraps that are painted on the body and allowed to dry while you relax cocooned in warmth.  These mask and wraps detoxify and purify the body by drawing out toxins. They include the following formulas Cellulite/Seaweed, Detox, and Moisturizing (Massage recommended with treatment).


Moisturizing/Detox/Cellulite $90 


Moisturizing $125

​Detox/Cellulite $150

Mini Facial Massage

A wonderful relaxing and moisturizing massage that can relieve stress while you are being pampered.

$20 up charge


Thai Foot Treatment

Relax with a wonderful foot treatment using reflexology and Thai massage techniques.

$20 up charge



Allow therapeutic aroma to transform your relaxation into a state of tranquility.

$10 up charge


Specials *Purchase 3 professional massages and get 1 up-charge service free Pamper Me! Package 60 min Relaxation Massage Salt/Sugar Body $100 (reg $125) Gift Certificates Available Spoil yourself or someone you love today, gift certificate are always the perfect gift.